How did your local secular news media handle the Pope's visit to Scotland and England?

Here in the Chicago area one TV station had a brief mention of it, showing only the supposed "10,000" protesters marching in London.
The Chicago Tribune on two days had the briefest items buried in the back pages, the first focusing only on the sex abuse scandal, and the second bringing up the Pope's past as a member of the Hitler youth.

I haven't seen my local paper, but the New York City tabloid paper I buy kept hammering away at the sex abuse scandals and the 'tens of thousands' of anti-papal demonstrators marching in London.

There was no 'positive' news at all-just shows you where the press's emphasis is on (matters of a sexual nature).

Nothing about the warm and friendly ovations he received, nothing about the crowds in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or Birmingham that cheered him, especially the young Scots and Brits who cheered the loudest!

What can you expect from the media when it comes to the Church, anyway?

No mention at all, as far as I could tell.

"Ho hum.... a bunch of foreigners. No real Americans involved. Not interesting."

Irish TV had a decent enough coverage especially the Beatification Mass yesterday (Sept 20th). They should get rid of their so-called "religious affairs" reporter though. He is decidedly anti-Catholic! Just shows you what the national broadcaster thinks about Catholicism.
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I watched EWTN's coverage of the Visit almost exclusively. Did not pay attention to other Tv stations. So it was positive. :):):)

I didn’t bother checking

Completely ignored the whole trip except for some brief interest in the arrest of the suspected terrorists.

well i just a promo for a new attack on the Pope and the Church by CNN for this week.


I'm from the UK and I watched most of the Papal visit on either BBC News or Sky News. To be honest, it was a bit of a mixed bag. The BBC covered most of the events, either on BBC1 or BBC News, so at least it was seen. :) On the coverage of the actual events, there was usually at least one Catholic commentator, who usually made positive, helpful comments.

However, there is a long-standing undercurrent of anti-Catholicism in the British media, so although the coverage of the events was good, there were one or two programs that were debating whether the visit was a force for good or otherwise, and airing a lot of the "traditional" criticisms of the Holy Father. :(

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