How difficult is it to get a marriage blessed?

Our daughter has gotten engaged with a non Catholic man we love him very much . They want to get married in the church they are attending will the marriage be invalid. She has fallen away from the faith many years ago . But since she has been with him she has been much closer to God. Is it hard to get there marriage blest later if she has a change of heart.
Thank you Mary

Under current canon law, a person baptized Catholic must be married in the Catholic Church otherwise the marriage will be invalid.

However, if your daughter later on decides she wants to come back to the Church and have her marriage validated (commonly called “blessed”) by the Church it is a relatively simple process. The Church does not want to put up unnecessary obstacles to those who wish to return to the faith. Having a marriage validated requires the basic paperwork of any marriage and then the couple exchanges their vows in the presence of a cleric and witnesses

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