How do Cathloics support this statement

There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church.

Since Archbishop Sheen made that statement, you’ll have to ask him for evidence.

I don’t know if I would use this quote as a factual statement because no one can truly say what the numbers are…

But I do understand what he’s trying to say. And it is a fair statement. There are so many misconceptions about the Church that people hate without really knowing anything about the Church. And even those who do take the time to study everything… they twist it around in their minds into something that it is not.

Oh for heaven’s sake, I certainly hope no one is thinking the numbers are intended to be accurate!!?? He was trying to make a point, not cite statistical data! :rolleyes:

Of course it’s true. If everyone knew what the Church truly taught, understood those teachings, and was not misled by inaccuracies and error – nearly everyone would be Catholic. :wink: How could you not be Catholic if you knew and understood the fullness of Truth? Only the most arrogant and selfish could turn their backs on the Truth if they are truly educated in what the Church teaches.


yeah what she said:thumbsup::cool:

In “Orthodoxy” G. K. Chesterton pointed out that different people keep accusing the Church of opposite excesses (like the elephant and the blind men):

[quote=G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy]…Thus, certain sceptics wrote that the great crime of
Christianity [in context means Church] had been its attack on the family; it had dragged women
to the loneliness and contemplation of the cloister, away from their homes
and their children
. But, then, other sceptics (slightly more advanced)
said that the great crime of Christianity was forcing the family and
marriage upon us;
that it doomed women to the drudgery of their homes
and children, and forbade them loneliness and contemplation.
The charge was actually reversed. Or, again, certain phrases in the
Epistles or the marriage service, were said by the anti-Christians to
show contempt for woman’s intellect. But I found that the anti-Christians
themselves had a contempt for woman’s intellect; for it was their
great sneer at the Church on the Continent that “only women” went to it.
Or again, Christianity was reproached with its naked and hungry habits;
with its sackcloth and dried peas. But the next minute Christianity
was being reproached with its pomp and its ritualism; its shrines of
porphyry and its robes of gold. It was abused for being too plain
and for being too coloured. Again Christianity had always been
accused of restraining sexuality too much, when Bradlaugh the Malthusian
discovered that it restrained it too little. It is often accused
in the same breath of prim respectability and of religious extravagance.

I think Chesterton would agree with Archbishop Sheen that many just don’t understand the Church; they look at one aspect and don’t see the whole; they have not been properly taught what the Catholic Church truly is.

As to how many or few would still reject the Church if they really understood, only God knows that.

Sorry but I do not believe he was still I was asking here.

Not really. How do you explain priests who leave?

re-read her quote and you will see your answer

My atttitude towards the doubting Thomases and the sceptics etc is to just leave them alone. Reason being that Catholicism is a very deep spiritual movement ( if I may put it that way) It calls for deep understanding of the bible, deeper union with Christ, and even deeper humility and submissiveness to his will. We all know that the modern christian tends towards finding excuses for letting go some of the core values on which the very foundation of christianity was built. Whereas a practising Catholic will not have the Church’s support if he/she should choose to go his/her own way. So, my quotation is, " To the one who has faith, no explanation is neccessary, to the one without faith, no explanation is possible"

Funny thing is in Scripture a hand does not say to a foot, I don’t need you. Each and every person is God’s finger print, only they can fulfill the mission God made them for. But at last, there are attitudes like this.If a person is blind do you yell at them for not seeing color? Or should you do what Jesus did and try to help them heal and regain their sight? Just food for thought.
Peace be with you

Still not seeing it. Enlighten me please? :slight_smile:

Either you’re going for a “No True Scotsman” fallacy or you’re in a circular argument (the Church contains all Truth because it says it contains all Truth).

Christ didn’t leave doubting Thomas alone, He revealed Himself so that Thomas proclaimed Him as God.

Christ said: “And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off even the dust of your feet, for a testimony against them” Luke 9 5. But this doesn’t mean don’t even go into the city in the first place. Catholic martyrs died while teaching heretics who were very skeptical indeed.

To one without faith, no explanation for a miracle is possible. But some without faith are lead to the faith by God’s grace, but by Catholic teaching too.

The quote says that many people misunderstand the Catholic Church and her teachings, and they hate what they wrongly believe to be her teachings.

Originally Posted by cheese_sdc
Still not seeing it. Enlighten me please?

Either you’re going for a “No True Scotsman” fallacy or you’re in a circular argument (the Church contains all Truth because it says it contains all Truth).

the reason most people leave is because they are either poorly catechized and they find something to disagree with the church about and leave. im not articulating that as well as i want but thats the jist of what im trying to say:o

lizaanne, I disagree that many people would become Catholic if they truly understood.

The Holy Spirit leads people into truth and convicts them of their sin, of death and judgement, but sadly, a lot of people still reject Christ and His Church.

The Bible speaks of people who understand and still walk away. I believe that the very tragic passage in Hebrew 6: 4-8 is one passage that speaks of these people.

Of course, we should still strive to help people understand the Catholic Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because I think that many more people would come into the Church, and those who are IN the Church already would live a richer, more abundant life if they truly understood even an inkling of what they say they believe.

If God believed that everyone would believe, He wouldn’t have warned us about falling away, would he?

Doesn’t the Bible talk about what to do about the people who refuse get with the program?

Since this isn’t a scientific study or a Gallup Poll:shrug:, I think the numbers need to be revised. Given the billions of people on the earth now and the general trends of the culture of death, atheism, and religious groups who thrive on trashing Catholicism, I think the statement should be updated to the following:

There are millions of people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are billions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church.:eek:

God bless all!!!

This is a fair statement. Christians do not hate the people who are Catholic in belief. How can we hate those for whom God loved enough to die for? We do have a major problem with Catholic doctrine. Catholicism is a works oriented religion where people try to make themselves acceptable to God for heaven through their good works and works of righteousness. This is not what the Bible teaches as the way to heaven. Heaven or eternal life is achieved only through faith alone in Christ alone, John 3:15-18; Eph 2:1-10; Titus 3:5…

I see you have disregarded the Bible verses I provided for you to disprove your point.

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