How do Catholic-inquiring people receive forgiveness?

especially mortal sins

If one can’t go to confession, do people just hope that they won’t die in mortal sin before being received into the Church?

One only needs to kneel before God and ask for the forgiveness of sins. Remember, the Church that Jesus speaks of in scripture is the total body of true believers in Him. It is not one specific church. A legal, physical church is not required to become a believer and/or seek forgiveness for our sins.

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

God sits on the throne of grace in Heaven. Jesus removed all barriers between us and God with His sacrifice. OT Jews did not have this privilege. What a wonderful gift Jesus gave us.

I’m wondering about this myself as my family is trying to get some info on RICA. I hate to think anything would happen but anything could happen. I’m not horribly worried and it doesn’t keep me up at night but I do wonder.

I’m super interested in hearing the responses.

Do you baptise yourself?
Marry yourself?
offer communion to yourself?
ordain yourself as Pastor?

The Church in the Bible held one common faith among the people. And yes, the Early Church not only had public confession but public penance.

He’s saying in order to receive forgiveness one only needs to do such. He’s not saying there’s anything wrong with confessing sins and asking others for forgiveness; such is practiced in Protestant Church’s all the time.

Thanks for the check Dronald. I may be a bit tired and punchy:o

I do understand your question as I have experienced this myself. It is not a comforting time. All I can suggest is that you get or review a good “How to make a good confession” type of pamphlet and reflect on it carefully, making the best examination of conscience you can. And certainly pray about those things. You may be doing those things already. Trust in God, the seer of hearts, He often gives us extra days to repent. I know it’s not a great answer, it wouldn’t have been for me; just keep your eyes on the cross.

Everyone can just ask Jesus for forgiveness even for mortal sins. You are not in some hiatus waiting for the right to go to confession as a baptised Catholic.
How are Protestants forgiven as they do not believe in institutionalized or sacramental confession. Through the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ in His gracious mercy. They ask for forgiveness. He races towards them as fast as he does towards penitent Catholics.

This is not to downgrade the sacrament of confession in any way.
For a Catholic in the state of mortal sin awaiting confessional times at his local church, he has to have full and complete contrition and an intention to go to confession as soon as possible and we are taught that Jesus grants us forgiveness. He is so eager to welcome us home he will leave His house and run to His returning son. He will leave the 99 and search for you until he finds you. Protestant and Catholic alike. It is just in His boundless mercy that He instituted the sacrament of confession to engulf us in the Graces necessary to strengthen us and reunites us to both God and His Church.

What a beautiful post! You nailed it. Thank you Petaro!

Paul (formerly LDS, now happily Catholic)

One of the nicest, and best posts I’ve read in a while. :thumbsup:


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