How Do Evangelicals Explain Lourdes?

The Lourdes Medical Bureau, an organization whose mission is to examine and rule on possible miracles at Lourdes, runs an incredibly rigorous and scientific operation. With several doctors on site to perform initial examinations once a miracle is claimed to have taken place, the full-scale bureau, a panel of 40 expert doctors from around the world, ultimately convenes to make medical determinations.

Incredibly, the team of medical experts have recorded 69 miracle healings which, in their opinion, science cannot currently explain.

Maybe they just don’t care?

I think they try their darndest to not think about it at all. Stick your fingers in your ears and go, “Lalalalalalala…I can’t hear you!!!” :smiley:

That’s just plain rude and unjust of you, Boomerang.

I believe God can heal people who seek Him in good faith. I’ve seen miracles myself.

I would agree.
We need to debate without ridicule.

Yeah, but the issue here is Lourdes and the intercession of the Virgin Mary and her miraculous apparitions. Tell me about all the protestants who believe in that. :rolleyes:


It’s a good question in the OP, which probably has a wide variety of answers.

Again, we are not talking about faith healing. We are talking about Lourdes. At best, most non-Catholics don’t want to hear it. At worst, they think it’s demonic! :eek: Tell me this isn’t true. I personally know a Baptist minister who took one look at my Miraculous Medal and said, “You don’t believe in that c**p, do you?” Anything concerning Mary and miracles, this is the response we get. Stick you fingers in your ears…

Maybe they would be more open to it, if not for smart aleck remarks.

You’re talking to a former Baptist… :cool:
Radical fundamentalist Baptists do not represent Protestantism as a whole, something they themselves would agree with.

Smart aleck remarks are what is keeping evangelicals from believing in Marian apparitions? Really? I thought they didn’t believe because it’s “not in the bible” or perhaps because Mary is “just a vessel” and a “sinner just like everyone else.” I’m glad I know the truth now. Better quit making smart aleck comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you were a Baptist, did you believe in Lourdes and other Marian apparitions?

Some, like me, may believe God answers the sincere faith of people seeking Him, sometimes with miracles, without being sure that Mary’s intercession is the agent.

Others may not be familiar with Lourdes, but not through deliberately ignoring it. Others may be familiar but sceptical, while some may indeed be deliberately dismissive. At the far end of the spectrum would be those who might believe it’s demonic deception, or human deception by the “Whore of Babylon”.

No, I didn’t.
But I wasn’t stupid enough to believe it was from the Devil.
You can’t pigeon-hole whole groups of people.

No, smart aleck remarks are what destroys debate and gets threads closed down

Dismissive mockery and assuming (and saying) the worst of another group’s motives and intellectual integrity sure aren’t drawing people to Catholicism, Boomerang. It’s cheap humor, which just amuses yourself.

I know there are all kinds of protestants. My experience from the ones I know is that Catholics are nuts, there are no apparitions, or they are demonic. If you try to tell them about it, they just look horrified, :eek: usually followed by them trying to get away from you as quick as possible. :smiley: If they would look into the facts with an open mind, they might believe it. I think anti-Catholicism keeps them from doing just that. It seems even the Orthodox, who have plenty of apparitions of their own, look with skepticism on the Catholic apparitions.

The facts of the miraculous healings and
Marian apparitions are HARD TEACHINGS
of the Church, the meat of the Word, just
concentrate on the milk for those protestants
who are not initiated into the works of God
thru the Catholic Church, boomerang.

Well, for one, getting to know other Protestants would broaden your view of them.

But I also agree with post 18 in that trying to promote miracles to Protestants you know who apparently are already leery of Catholicism is probably asking too much of them as a start.

Most that i know doubt the validity of any of the purported miracles. In and of itself skepticism is a good thing IMO since most miracle claims IMO are BS. Other evangelicals I know believe God can work miracles despite the misguided and theologically corrupt CC so they are open to it. Admittedly as a former evangelical I always lumped the stories into the Benny Hinn or other TV evangelists categories where people were always claiming miraculous healings and I doubted the truthfulness of any them. One thing is for certain, I have never met an evangelical that had any particularly high view of Mary which today as a Catholic I find very surprising considering their high view of Scripture.

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