How do I act in this situation?

Hi everyone,

I volunteer as an interpreter in health clinic that serves a large population of Spanish-speakers. I love the work and feel that it has helped me learn a greater sense of empathy and compassion for others (not to mention gratitude for all of the gifts I’ve received). My question, though, is how I should act when asked to interpret for a well-women visit where a conversation about birth control often takes place. In some ways I feel I am facilitating the option for a woman to use birth control by being the “means” of communication between woman and doctor in the clinic. I am strongly opposed to birth control and have a deep love/respect for the Church’s teachings on sexuality. I am not very comfortable in my position having to just pretend that it’s a completely normal conversation for me to witness/interpret. Any thoughts or advice on what I should do? Thanks in advance…

I suggest you seek guidance from your pastor or the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Wow, that’s a tough one!
I don’t really have much advice other that to talk to your priest.
Are you able to find a similar a similar position in a practice that has more catholic values?

Because you are “volunteering” and you are distressed about the birth control issue, I would suggest that you consider being a “volunteer” in an alternate setting. Many homes for the elderly need help, children with special needs are wonderful to work with. How about a hospice, where you can comfort those with end of life issues. Soup kitchens, Catholic Charities, St Vincent De Paul Society, and many more. You sound like a very kind person.
Pray to God for guidance and He will show you the way. Peace and prayers to you…

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