How do I advise my friend?


I am not gifted with words of advice, so I thought I’d ask the others here what they would say to my friend. He’s only 20 years old and attractive and right now his enjoyment in life is to know many girls and to go out with a different one every night, often involving having sex with her. He told me he doesn’t feel anything for these girls and he wants to have a long term relationship. If any of these girls knew of his lifestyle they would be fools to want to have a long term relationship with him. What can I say to him to help him wise up?


Ask him what he would want from a woman in terms of a long, lasting and loving relationship? Would he expect fidelity? Would he expect her to have respect for him, his beliefs, his ideas? Would he want her to trust him?

Then tell him that the only way he will ever be the kind of man a real woman wants in her life is to act like one…and you might ask him if he would want his mother to be treated like he is treating those other women in his life…or his grandmother…or his sister…or his niece…


Here’s the scoop on premarital sex…particularly one night stands.

Premarital sex breaks up couples or pushes them into bad marriages. It fools people into marrying the wrong person. It leads to unhappiness, divorce, extramarital affairs, and dissatisfaction. It denies the couples bonding experience.
The anxiety of getting pregnant or catching a sexual transmitted disease can lead to depression. Some 400,000 teens annually have abortions, a source of depression, even suicide. Teens who marry because of pregnancy are three times more likely to divorce than women who wait until their twenties to conceive. Pregnant girls are likely to drop out of school. Teen moms earn half of those who wait. Sixty-seven percent of pregnant teens are poor.
One in four sexually active teens become infected with a sexually transmitted disease every year. Many STDs are incurable. Some are painful or deadly. STDs increase the chance of contracting HIV. It’s worse when youths take many partners. One in five full-blown AIDS cases is diagnosed among people in their 20s. Most of these victims were adolescents when they were infected. STDs include gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, venereal warts, chlamydia, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The most common STD, chlamydia, causes a genital discharge and a burning sensation when urinating. More than 4 million Americans get chlamydia each year and there is a huge pool of undiagnosed cases in the United States. Chlamydia has infected 22% of sexually active girls and 10% of sexually active boys. For the first time ever, teen girls have the highest gonorrhea rates in the nation. Teenage boys rank second



Can’t even say it better than this.

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