How do I answer a Mormon regarding prophets?


I married a Mormon not knowing what they really believe. I now know that I can’t have a valid Catholic marriage because the church doesn’t recognize Mormon baptisms. I’ve been able to find answers to all of my wifes questions so far. I still don’t know the meaning of “prophets” in the New Testament. Even the Didache mentions how to tell a false prophet. Is this one of those words that got lost in translation? Is it taken out of text? What Biblical proof can I show her regaurding the end of public revelation with the death of John?

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Dear t,

If you are a Catholic and married a Mormon in the Catholic Church, your marriage is valid, even though it is not sacramental due to the fact the Church does not recognize her baptism as valid. If you are a Catholic and married anyone, including another Catholic, outside of the Catholic Church, then the marriage is not valid in the Catholic Church by that fact.

I suggest that you read the Original Catholic Encyclopedia on Prophets, Prophecy and Revelation:[LIST]
*]Prophecy, Prophet, and Prophetess
*]Revelation[/LIST]I also would also suggest that you read “Inside Mormonism” by Isaiah Bennet, if you haven’t already. It is available through or through our order line: 1-888-291-8000.

Fr. Vincent Serpa ,O.P.

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