How do I answer my husband's questions about God's cruelty?

I was married to a non-believer for almost two years now. We have discussed, indepth, why I believe in Jesus Christ and why my Catholic faith is so important to me. Now, on his own, my husband has started to research the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, all he found was atheistic sites that claim the old testament is full of violence and proof that God is cruel and un-loving. I feel quite depressed about all of it. Of course, I want my husband to believe in Jesus because I love him and I want his redemption. Lately, each time the subject comes up he kind of beats me up verbally and I find I don’t have any answers for him. Please help me and direct me to ways that I can address his concerns and really testify to the truth; that God is love and that Jesus Christ died for all of us so we could have eternal life. I don’t pretend to be the one in charge of saving his soul. I know that is God’s job, not mine. But I wish I could tell him something different that would truly make him start to see the beauty and truth of my faith. Please help me!

… and I am frustrated and sad about it all. On his own he started “researching” my Catholic faith and what he found could not have been worse! He found an atheist site that quoted 15 “questionable scriptures” that portrayed God as violent and cruel. So my husband asks me how I can believe that God is good and loving when the bible clearly says He is not! Also, he is of the opinion that the crusades were just a bunch of Christians going out butchering those who do not believe in God. He says it is no wonder that Muslims hate Christians… the history of the crusades. I know in my heart who God is and, as a Catholic, I know Jesus in my heart more than I know Him in Scriptures. But I am at a lose as to how to answer my husband’s questions. Please help me to formulate responses that will help him to understand. Please pray for us because the saddest thing I can think of is I get to go to Heaven but he doesn’t.

The following links should help provide you with some helpful information to share with your husband. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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