How do I argue against sola scriptura when someone doesn't believe the Church Fathers?

There is a Fathers’ Know Best tract titled “Not by Scripture Alone”. It seems to use excerpts and quotations from Church Fathers and Popes to justify why Scripture is not the “sole rule of Faith”. Well what if the person you’re confronting does not believe the Church Fathers or past Popes have any authority upon which to stand? Is it still possible to get across the message that “Not by Scripture Alone” as it were?

If a person chooses not to look at the clear historical evidence of Apostolic Christianity, I would then ask him to explain where we got the Bible.

Since he probably believes that all “necessary tradition” was recorded in the Bible, then he’s forced to conclude that the canon of the New Testament is unnecessary, that we don’t need to know which books are inspired and which are not. But since he does believe that knowing which books are inspired is necessary, and because he does accept the canon of the New Testament as infallible revelation, binding on all Christians, he has, by his own admission, accepted a tradition that is not found in Scripture. Catholic Tradition told us which books belong in the New Testament!

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