How do I arrange an indult for a Tridentine Latin Mass?


I am a Catholic who usually worships at the the Tridentine Latin Mass in my home archdiocese, under the indult. I am now deployed to Kosovo and have run into a Novus Ordo Mass crippled with liturgical abuse.

A French priest has offered to come say the Tridentine but I was wondering the details of the indult. Is it granted by an archbishop to an individual, so the French priest could say it here without a problem? Or is it granted to a full area, so I would have to approach the archbishop for the United States military?


I recommend approaching the archbishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, U.S.A. (Archbishop Edwin O’Brien). Whether or not he is the bishop who will need to grant the indult, he and his staff can assist you in determining the legitimate authority to be petitioned and, if it is not under Archbishop O’Brien’s jurisdiction, forward the request to the appropriate authority. For more information on obtaining an indult for the Tridentine Latin Mass, I recommend contacting the Ecclesia Dei Coalition.

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