How do I avoid future suspension?

I believe I was suspended for asking too many questions so my only question for today is how do I avoid “spamming or otherwise vandalizing the forum”?

Follow the rules of the forum. Read them.

And stop starting threads asking why you are suspended. PM a moderator and ask, don’t start threads for every time you do something wrong.


Okay that sounds reasonable. How do I PM a moderator?

Send a PM using camoderator as the username you are sending it to.


I figured it out thank you. I’ve never PM’d anyone on here before so took a few minutes.

One problem here is that a suspension locks you out of your account, so you can’t PM a moderator. So this might work if it’s just a check up after getting back, but if the person wants to talk it out in case they suspect (or know) the moderator made a mistake, there’s no option there.

There is a now closed thread in site feedback that addresses that issue.

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