How do I become a Catholic again?

I have a problem and don’t know were to go for answers. I was baptized a Catholic when I was two years old. I went through twelve years of Catholic school. I am 40 years old and have tried other religions including Jehovah Witnesses and non-denominational Christian churches. I want to return to the Catholic Church, but I don’t know how. Am I still Catholic? I wrote a letter to my parish years ago renouncing my Catholicism. I want to go back to the place were I found peace but I don’t know what to do! Just go to church or what?

Assuming that your twelve years of Catholic education also included First Communion and confirmation, all that is necessary to return to the Catholic Church is to go to confession. You can either go to a regularly-scheduled confession at a local parish, or, if you feel it will be helpful, you can make an appointment with a priest. Include in your confession the fact that you left the Church and that you wrote a letter to a parish renouncing your Catholicism.

If you have not yet received your First Communion or been confirmed, you may need to attend adult religious education instruction in order to prepare you for those sacraments. In this case, make an appointment with a priest and ask him what steps are necessary to return to the Church and to complete your sacramental initiation into the Church.

If you need further personalized assistance, please feel free to contact Catholic Answers directly. God bless and welcome home!

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