How do I break the news to my mom?


I need some advice. I am 27 years old never left home. Flunked out of college. So after dropping out of college with a 6th grade reading level, had worked at food lion and all and quit there and found me a state job at a prison. I have been there for 4 years and completely hate it. I always felt like i was treated different because very few white peple work there. I am white. But the job is not me. I am not the type of person who can go in and be a ***** like every other officer is. I am the weakest officer on the shift and we have alot of new people that are learning alot more than I do. I totally regret my brother talking me into applying for the job. This job is just miserable.
I just got hired back at wal-mart which i worked there before and I was happy and the managers would teach alot and are willing to help you to get management.
I leave this correctional job in about 2 weeks. I am afraid my mom might kick me out but she needs me more than I need her. I would rather live at home and help my parents out than move in with roommates and live in some ghetto. But my mom doesn't understand what I go through. my parents graduated college did what they wanted to do with their lives and me. I am so much better knowing about produce and deli and stuff like that.

How do I make her understand that is job isn't for everybody. She believes I am saving for a house but really I am saving it up for college.


Well, first off, good for you for saving to go to college. An education will really help you both professionally and for personal growth. As for telling your mom, she must love you a lot if she's still letting you live at home at 27 and she obviously wants you to be happy. Maybe do something nice for her, like make her dinner, and then sit down, just the two of you, and explain why you have left your job at the prison. Explain you know that you will be making less money, but that money is trivial in comparison to happiness. Oh, and tell her you're saving for college not a house. The worst thing you can do is lie to her or continue to let her believe something that is not true.


Well,telling “bad” news is always hard,but You must do it. You also need to** explain** why. If You honestly tell her,she will understand. It might not sink in the first hours,but if You tell her all about it,she will see Your point.
God bless You.


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