How do I change my name?


OK, so this is somewhat OT, but does anyone know how to go about legally changing my name? I did not change my last name when my DH and I married 10+ years ago, for a number of reasons. Things have changed, we have kids, I no longer feel as strongly as I once did about holding on to my maiden name, and I’d now like to change my last name to his.

I know that when you get married, all you need to do is indicate your “new” name on the marriage license, but obviously it’s a bit late for that for me. Do I now need to go through a complicated legal process? Thanks for any input.


Isn’t your name “offically” changed when you change it at the Social Security office?


I think you need to go before a judge. I also think it’s no big deal, and you get one “freebe” to do so.


I changed mine right away, and all I needed was a copy of my marriage license. This was for Social Security, driver’s license, bank accounts, etc. I would assume that it would be the same, even 10 years after the fact. But hey - I could be wrong.


I think you can do that without hassle. On most legal stuff, bank accounts, cards,… By just producing a marriage certificate it can be done, they change it no problem. I did so a week before my son was born ( after almost 3 years)


I think it depends on what state you live in.

I changed my name about 9 months after I got married. I tried to do it while living in Hawaii, and it was going to be a huge hassle; Not to mention, a bit of money. But when we moved to Texas, I just took my marriage certificate to the Social Security office and it was a done deal. So it may just depend on where you live. You should be able to get on the internet and find out the procedure for your state.

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You may need an attorney since undoubtably many financial and legal documents are in your maiden name.


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