How do I choose a parish?

I’ve recently moved into a new area. Luckily, there is a church so close I can walk to it in a few minutes. I’ve been attending the Sunday Mass there regularly. To expand my faith, I would like to start attending Daily Mass, Eucharistic adoration, and receiving the sacrament of reconciliation more often. My work/life schedule almost allows for it, but not at the times the parish offers. After some discernment, I have laid out some options, but cannot decide which is the correct path. Please advise if anyone has insight on this type of problem:

  1. Attend Sunday Mass at my closest parish, and the other sacraments at other parishes.
  2. Try to remain at my closest parish, and whatever I can fit in, I fit in.
  3. Remain at the older parish I used to attend, where I can attend all services (about 10 miles, and I don’t mind the driving if its for God :slight_smile: )

The following link should help you as you discern which parish to join. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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