How do I come back to the Church?

Thank you for reading my question. I am eager (desperate?) to know if I am able to return to the Catholic church after leaving? Within the last year I left the church by emailing my parish and diocese saying that I no longer considered myself catholic and to please remove my name from records and mailing lists. This was done because of the influence of my husband who is not catholic (didn’t want to be associated with the catholic church and was not happy about having his name on all the mailings etc…) He has since “softened” up and is ok with me attending/being catholic. Am I still considered Catholic? What do I need to do to come home? I have heard “once a catholic always a catholic” but want to be sure.
Thank you so very much -

The following links should answer your question about coming back to the Church. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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