How do i confess if i'm not actually a recognized catholic yet?

I know i committed a Mortal Sin yesterday
I feel ashamed and i feel embaressed that i let temptation get the better of me

Do i have to wait until the day i can finally step into a confession box or can i go and ask the father to listen to me?

Call the Rectory, if the regularly scheduled confession time at your parish isn’t immediate, and see about making an appointment to meet with a Priest.

Are you attending mass and/or in RCIA? If so, please call the priest at that parish and make an appointment-don’t delay. If not, call the local parish and make an appointment-if for anything for your own peace of mind-don’t delay. He will be more than happy to help out and hopefully maybe hear your confession. Please call today, if possible-and I will keep you in my prayers-oh by the way-while waiting to see your priest, please pray the act of contrition directly to Jesus. You are truly sorry and God knows it-please see a priest-today if possible. Hugs…

And God know that you are sorry. So until you can confess to a priest,talk with God.

That (i.e. attempting perfect contrition, which means regret for having offended God), and you don’t need to be formally recognised as Catholic in order to confess. :slight_smile:

You have to wait. You are not baptised, right? The sacrament of baptism will erase all of your sins. After that you are like a blank slate and all the sins you will confess afterwards will be those comitted after your baptism.

Until then, pray and ask God for forgivness. This period of waiting to be received into the church can be hard and seem like it lasts forever. But hang in there!

Thank you Contra :slight_smile:

Hope you all have a great new year! :thumbsup:

yes,good council, in the mean time pray in perfect contrition. Peace, Carlan

Happy New Year!

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