How do I confess my sin since I am still in RCIA class?

Should I pray a rosary?
Am I allowed to confess my sin in a Reconciliation Room even though I am not fully baptized yet?

I have sinned by . . . the solitary vice.

You’ll have to wait until you make your first Confession, when you are allowed to do so. Talk to Father of you have more questions about it.

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Will praying the Rosary help in any ways?

Yes and just talk to Father in the mean time and he’ll be able to help you.

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I hope you find comfort in the knowledge that when you are baptized, you will be a new creation in Christ. All your sins will be wiped away.

You don’t need to tell us your sin. In fact, I’d rather you didn’t.


If you are unbaptized, you do not need to confess until after you’ve been baptized at Easter Vigil. I’m not even certain you can confess since you’re not yet Catholic. Your sins will be “wiped away”, so to speak, at baptism. Then, you’ll confess afterwards. My wife, who also went through RCIA, did not confess until right before Easter Vigil to prepare herself for confirmation.

If it will assuage your guilt, you might pray the penitential rite. I have a website below. We use the new translation at my parish:

Last, you can simply ask God for forgiveness at this point and stop sinning (or try to).

Good luck, and God bless!

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@Cecilia_Dympna It’s okay. There’s really nothing to hide or shy about. This type of sin happens to most people anyway.

@jvickers Yes, I remember this rite. We said it during every mass. Thanks.

You say you are not “fully baptized”. What do you mean by this? One is either baptized or not. So are you unbaptized and a catechumen? Or are you baptized and not fully a member of the Catholic Church, ie a candidate for first communion and confirmation?

@tafan2 I mean I am not baptized. I am a catechumen.

Ok, well then confession is not available to you. It is for the baptized only. You will be forgiven of all sins when you are baptized. Until then, know that if you truly desire to be baptized, you will receive a baptism of desire at the time of death. Now if you truly desire to be baptized you will be arriving not to sin. But we all fall. So ask for forgiveness and move on in trying to “sin no more”.

Will praying the rosary temporarily relief some sins?

Praying the rosary will likely help you to stop sinning. And every night, make an examination of conscious and say an act of contrition.


As a catechumen you may not received the sacrament of reconciliation until you have received the sacrament of baptism. When you are baptized all of your past sins are wiped clean, there will be no need to confess any of those sins ever. After your baptism you will need to confess any sins committed since then.

At this time, until your baptism I would pray to God for forgiveness and the graces need to avoid sin. After baptism you must avail of the sacrament of reconciliation.

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