How do I confess these kinds of sins?

I did thing and need to know how to confess it. I think it is called a sin of doubt but I do not know.

When I did it, I was not sure if it was a mortal sin, but thought it could have been. I know now it was not grave matter, but when I did it I thought it was, or it could have been and was not sure, but I did it anyway.

I think the church teaches that I committed a mortal sin by doing that even though it was not a mortal sin, but I thought it was and did it anyway. is that correct?

How do I confess it?
For, example
Lets say it was killing a mosquito, and I was not sure, but I killed it anyway.

Do I say
“I killed a mosquito”
“I sinned in doubt”
“I killed a mosquito in doubt of whether it was a mortal sin, but I did it anyway.”

You may just want to discuss the situation with the priest since there really is no certain sin you can confess in 3 or 4 words by this. The only one I can think of is, “I went against my conscious.”, but the priest would ask you what you meant.

Because you thought what you were about to do was a mortal sin, and decided to do it anyways, despite it not being a mortal sin, that states you would of chose sin over God at this moment.

This has to be one of the easiest mortal sins to be forgiven of and if this is your only sin, the priest may not even give you a penance, unless you have a plenty venial sins or more mortal sins.

God Bless + Pax :smiley:

Describe what took place to the Priest…

ok thanks guys. that makes since.:slight_smile:

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