How do I contact CAF moderators and staff

From time to time I would like to ask a moderator a question. How do I do this?
Also would like to jump to the end of a thread, how do I do this? Going through hundreds of posts is time-consuming.
Thanks and congratulations to all in CAF for their great work.

Send the mods a private message. In the user box type the @ symbol followed by camoderator - with no space between.

If on a desktop pc etc. at the top of the thread at the bottom of the opening post, from the left you’ll see “created” and the date, then next to this is “last reply” with a username and time beneath this. Click on the “last reply” section and it’ll take you to the last reply/post in that thread. This is the quickest way that I’ve found to do this. (Same when using my phone)

You’ll also see a vertical blue line-slider on the right of the replies. Place your mouse cursor over this and hold the left mouse button down and then you can scroll up and down through all the posts.

On a phone etc., down the bottom of the screen on the right is a box with numbers e.g. 1/8495. Tap this and another box will come up, where you’ll see down the bottom on the left is a box with the words “jump to …” Tap this and another box will appear where you can type in the number of any post you wish to go to, then click ok.

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What?? You are not going to read what has been written and just jump to the end and respond? :thinking:
Do you have better things to do than read the responses that CAFers have so lovingly crafted? :wink:


“Send the mods a private message. In the user box type the @ symbol followed by camoderator - with no space between.”

I am unclear on how this works. What and where is the userbox for this message? I was unsuccessful in trying to get a question about an error message to go. I just got another error message. Where on this site are the instructions for contacting the moderators?

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click your username on the top right of screen -> then click on your username that’s on the top left of the pop up box -> then scroll down to messages, and click that -> then on the left of the new screen is a blue box New Message. Click that, and in the pop up box where it says Add User, type in the @ symbol followed by camoderator with no spacing.

Thanks for this reply.
Unfortunately I cannot find the ‘user box’.
Your instructions to find the last post were clear. Many thanks for solving this problem.

Reading over 2000 posts would take some time.

Thanks for this post. It expresses my concerns clearly.

Thanks for the detailed explanations. I have followed your instructions, and think (as well as hope) my message has been sent and received. If I get a reply the problem is solved.


Thank you!

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@NoelFitz and @SueinsoCal - you’re both welcome, I’m happy to be able to help.

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