How do I contact the administrators for this site?


Someone on here said I was a troll I’m not and I’ve sent the person screenshots proving that Protestants where actually attacking my faith and the questions I asked where genuine and connected to the debate I was having now I’m unable to reply to any answers on my topics as I wanted to post the screenshots on there too so I can prove to everyone else


I am also interested in this question.



Send a private message to that user name.


From the CAF Rules:

" 1. Judgments by the Moderators can be discussed with the Moderators via private messaging but not on the board itself. If you display any disrespect, contention, or hostility towards a Moderator, Administrator or Catholic Answers your account will be suspended. Decisions of the Moderators may be appealed to the Administrator."

PM camoderator.


Say what now?


Thank you I’ve dm’d the moderator


Anyway if anyone has anything else to say I have proof I’ve screenshotted the messages the Protestants sent me which relate exactly to the questions I asked I can dm them if anyone else wants proof that I’m not trolling but asking genuine questions the only reason I come here to ask questions is when a Protestant attacks my faith I don’t understand why “some” people decided to get upset about it


@Rosie11, please try to understand. Lately there have been several accounts opened by people whose sole purpose, it seems, was to sow dissension and discord amongst faithful Catholic members. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say that demeaning, disgusting and completely baseless allegations were blithely thrown around by these intruders, with the result that regular CAF members are now rather sensitive to threads that look as if they may be originating from a similar source. Don’t take it personally. The CAF mods are conscientious and excellent at their jobs. Keep posting, and I hope you can get some useful answers to your questions! :slight_smile:


Who is the administrator?


You can also do this



I’ll add to that:


Yes please


Thank you xx




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