How do I convince my hard-headed father that abortion should be illegal?


Hello! I just saw the thread about voting for pro-choice candidates and it brought to mind something that has been bothering me for some time.
My father is a wonderful man who is very involved with our church. He has been a sponser for RCIA students for several years, helps out with church functions whenever needed, prays daily including his daily (possibly more than once daily) rosary, goes to mass faithfully on every holy day and Sunday’s and was a HUGE influence in my husband and I’s return to the Church. All around he’s a great example of what a Catholic should be except for in the case of abortion. He believes:

  1. That it’s not our responsibility or a politicians responsibility to tell a woman that she can or can’t have an abortion if she so chooses.
  2. That if abortion would be made illegal, women would be having them done illegally or would be doing them themselves which would be a greater problem.

He and I have talked in depth about it and I can’t seem to sway him. My mother and I can’t seem to make any sense of it!
It all started when I was telling him that I would NEVER knowingly vote for a candidate that was pro-choice. His response was that you need to look at all that the candidate has to offer, not just one aspect.
Any advice, articles, etc. that could be of help would be greatly appreciated, along with some prayers too! Thanks so much for your time and God Bless!!


The best you can do for a person is pray for them, and express your opinion or God’s truth about the sanctity of life, and your belief in what God says, and your following what your Church teaches about that subject with LOVE.

How can he teach RCIA about what the Church teaches or what God’s truth is about the sanctity of life if he does not uphold that belief himself?

I have relatives and friends who are the same. They uphold a woman’s right to choose and they vote for politicians who promote abortion choice also. Like other sins you have to love the sinner and pray for them (and not judge)…

My sis and I just don’t even discuss it anymore.


You can start with this.

Pro-choice definition - a choice a woman wants to murder her unborn baby who is given no choice that is guaranteed by the US Constitution - the right to life, libert and the pursuit of happiness.

Why can’t we love them both?

The link above will also show that the figures for deaths before legalized abortion were fabricated. You can search on Bernard Nathanson - he is the one and now is pro-life.


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