How do I convince my wife Catholicism is right path?

I don’t want to argue with or bully my wife in any way, but she doesn’t believe in confessing to a priest, purgatory or asking for help from saints, Mary or any of the departed. She doesn’t attach any special significance to Mary. She knows her Bible well and was raised by a Pentecostal pastor. We had our marriage convalidated by a priest, At times, these issues are contentious for us. Is there a clear and concise reference source that I can use to make a case for Catholicism? She goes to Mass with me and appreciates elements of the Church, but I would prefer she become fully Catholic and go to confessions and receive communion.

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These links should give you the answers that you need. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by this, please contact Catholic Answersdirectly.
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