How do I cooperate with God's grace more?


I just went to Confession and I’m trying to ‘start over’. How do I cooperate more with God’s Grace in my life and the grace I just received from Confession?


Well, there is no better tool for staying in a state of grace than praying the Rosary daily - unless you can also receive the Holy Eucharist daily! Its not easy but your sacrifice will be well rewarded. God bless you.


Well I don’t mean staying in a state of grace. I mean cooperating with the grace that i’ve been given. If that makes sense?


You will cooperate with the grace you have been given if you make a morning offering of everything you do during the day to God. Try to be aware of the Holy Spirit inspiring you to do spiritual things e.g. pray for someone on the news who has been involved in an accident. The sacraments are the ordinary channels of grace and if you can receive that sacraments reverently you will increase the amount of sanctifying grace in your soul. You will cooperate with the grace you have been given if you strive for perfect charity in your life - love God with your heart, mind and soul and love others for love of God.


Oh, sorry! :o Yes, it makes sense, except I’m not sure if you mean in a specific way. In a general sense, cooperating with God’s grace means doing His will. Are you wondering how to discern what God’s will is for you? How He wants you to use the grace He has given you? Well, in general terms, just take it day by day, be patient, and keep listening to His voice. Educate yourself about the Church’s teachings, and read the Bible. Then you will know more and more answers to the questions that confront you in life. As yinekka said, just try to do God’s will everyday - put God first, and He will do the rest! If you still want more specifics then maybe you could tell us a little more about your situation. God bless.


well this is kinda embarrassing, but just yesterday I learned what grace was. I didn’t know what it was before and that it’s such a great gift. God doesn’t have to give that to me, but He does which is cool.

I guess i’m just wanting to learn more about what it is and how I can respond to it.


You can cn cooperate with God by thanking Him for His graces and by asking the Holy Spirit to give you the grace to be docile to His inspirations.


Have you read the Catechism on grace? That will give you a good foundation to build on.


Try to not commit the slightest little sin because when we do it’s like we have a bucket full of grace and the little sins cause the grace to slowly leak out until we reach the point where there is not much grace left and when the bucket gets low we fall. And then it’s empty and we go to confession to fill up the bucket again. We all need to try and keep the bucket full. God bless.:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Very interesting analogy! That’s one I haven’t heard, but it just might help me with some venial sins that won’t seem to go away.


Good luck. I need to keep my bucket full too. I should work harder to stop the leaks.:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


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