How do I deal with a priest who allows non-Catholics to receive Communion?

I teach Theology at a Catholic high school. One of my responsibilities is to coordinate the Eucharistic Ministers. It came to my attention late last year that a faculty member who was always at daily mass but is not Catholic was receiving Holy Communion. In fact, one of the administrators proudly announced this fact as proof of “what a good guy” he is. Since finding this this fact out, we no longer have a daily mass but I still notice this man taking Communion when we do have a mass. Last week I actually panicked because I was going to minister the chalice and wondered to myself what I would/should do in the event he was in my line. Fortunately he wasn’t. I have been told that the priest who used to be full-time at our school had “an understanding” with this man and that this made it OK for him to take Communion. I don’t fault the man because, as a non-Catholic (and in fact a very faithful Christian and all-around decent human being) he cannot be expected to know the Church’s teaching regarding reception of Communion, especially if a priest has told him something contrary to the truth. Any suggestions about how to handle this?

The following link should help answer your question. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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