How do I deal with friends who ask questions about the faith but don't want answers?

How are you supposed to deal with friends who have no religious backrounds, and ask you questions. My friend is constantly asking questions, but he doesn’t listen to my answers. When he does, he twists my words around to make it sound like I said something bad.
We got started talking about Moses and the 7 miracles, but he wants scientific proof they happned. HE says they were flaws of nature. He doesn’t believe the last miracle happened. How do you deal with that without breaking up a friendship?

It sounds like your friend doesn’t want answers; he just wants to speak his mind. Maybe this is a case of “casting your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6). Father William Most gives a good explanation of this verse in his commentary on Matthew 7:6:

7:6: Cast not your pearls before swine. Pearls were considered the most precious of all things, cf. Pliny Sr. Natural History 9. 34. 106. The original sense probably meant not to teach indisposed or even hostile people some points of doctrine. The Didache 9. 5. applied this to excluding nonchristians from receiving the Holy Eucharist. St. Cyprian – very unecumenical of him! – used this on Demetrianus (Against Demetrianus 1), who, said Cyprian, came not to him not to learn but to ridicule and charge Christians with the responsibility for recent calamities. The verse also perhaps was the basis of the Discipline of the Secret which held back certain doctrines until the candidates were ready for Baptism. In the persecution of Diocletian, many Christians died rather than hand over the Scriptures to the pagans.

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I suggest you be honest with your friend about this situation. Arrange to meet privately with him to discuss your concerns and find a resolution to the problem. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance. He will lead you.

When you meet, start out positive by telling him how much you like answering his questions (include other positives), then spend some time discussing the problem. This should start a good dialogue. The next step would be to discuss a solution to the problem. But, before you offer a solution to the problem, ask your friend for input. I’m sure he’ll like that :slight_smile: . If he’s a good friend, he’ll want to make things right. God bless you!

Prayer to Holy Spirit:

Come Holy Spirit, and fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth. Oh God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit instructed the hearts of the faithful, grant, that by the same Spirit we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in his consolation. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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