How do I deal with Jehovah's Witnesses about hell?

I was talking a JW and when ever I showed him a verse from the gospel about servants being cast into outer darkness or weeping and gnashing of teeth he would say where does it say here that they are dead, and say how there was a commo before he said that and the whole point changes. He brought up Eccl 9:5-6 and tried to say that we are unconscious when we die that our souls are annihilated. I stumped him with one verse and he is going to look further into it this was REVELATIONS 14:10-11 how can I explain the doctrine of hell clearly through Scripture. he is very eloquent in his speech and he is able to wiggle his way out of every argument, possibly because I’m not that good at seeing his errors. He also showed me Romans 6:23 to defend his argument but I’m really not to sure how that went with his whole annihilation argument. When we first met he jumped around until we finally got to hell which I knew less on; I knew it was biblical but not how to defend it right now I’m really wishing it was about Christ’s divinity or something. But this isn’t a useless debate though because I feel like God has a plan for him and he is truly a JW seeking truth. I just need to be able to show him the truth, I need to clarify Hell for him. ALL HELP IS WONDERFUL!!! : )

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