How do I deal with my husband who is about to go to jail?

About 6 months ago, I learned that my husband was having an affair. He didn’t tell me a lot of details about the affair or who the other woman was. In the past six months we have gone to counseling and Retrouvaille and I have forgiven him and we were in a good place. However he just recently confessed to me that the other woman was in fact an underage girl and that the police are investigating him and he will likely go to jail. I am devastated and angry at him for putting me and our 2 year old daughter through this nightmare. I am wondering if this situation would allow me to get an annulment through the church so that I can one day remarry and provide a stable life for my daughter? Or am I obligated to stay in my marriage and put my daughter through the stigma of living with a sex offender for the rest of our lives? I imagine that it will be very difficult for my husband to find employment and support us when he gets out of jail. And I have horrible visions of my daughter suffering through ridicule and being ostracized if other children in school find out the truth about her father. I do still love my husband so I am very heartbroken over having to make this decision. I don’t know which path God wants me to choose. I feel very lost and alone.

Dear friend,

The possibility of obtaining an annulment is determined by the maturity of the individuals at the time of the wedding; not later. I suggest that you see your priest about this in order to determine whether you can seek an annulment. We are sorry for your misfortune and will keep you in prayer.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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