How do I deal with my mother-in-law's intolerance?

I am wondering if you could provide me a clue as to why my mother-in-law is so intolerant to Catholicism. I have been married to my husband for nearly 10 years, and I would think she would come around at some point, but she still makes snide comments. I have asked her in the past what it is she hates about Catholics and she would not answer.

My oldest son will be making his First Communion in about two years, and at this point, I do not want to invite her. Her latest comment was that my parochial-school-educated son would be safer in a public school. I am just so upset! We do not live in the same city as my mother-in-law, but I also do not want to leave her out of something so important to my son’s life. What should I do?

Where is your husband in all of this? He is the one who should be explaining to your mother-in-law your family’s commitment to Catholicism and the fact that he prefers her to refrain from snide comments about the religion of her children and grandchildren.

Assuming your mother-in-law does not abide by your husband’s request and moderate her anti-Catholic commentary over the next two years, perhaps you and your husband might agree that an invitation to her grandson’s First Communion would not be considered by her to be the honor it is intended to be and refrain from issuing her an invitation she’s likely to find personally aggravating. You could always make a point to instead especially seek out her involvement in celebrating her grandson’s birthday that year.

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