How do I deal with scrupulosity?

I know that there are probably many forms of scrupulosity, but the kind that I am suffering causes me to think of things that I shouldn’t. Most of the time, this involves me accidentally thinking of profanity (often sacrilegious), and to a lesser extent, pornographic or inappropriate imagery or sayings, almost like a form of “mental Tourettes”. I feel like I’m being driven insane trying desperately and unsuccessfully to stop these thoughts or think of something else. I understand that if I do not want to think these thoughts then I am not committing a sin, but by this point I do not know if what I thought was willing or unwilling, almost like a mental “slip,” something that in my heart I did not want to do but for some reason did anyway. I do not say sacrilegious phrases out loud, nor do I look at pornography, so I cannot understand where this is coming from. I’m assuming that all of this is probably derived from the other kinds of OCD that I have, but based on where I am now in life therapy isn’t an option. Is there anything I can do to stop these horrible thoughts?

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