How do i delete my account here?


Just asking, I can’t find any account deletation page here xDD


You can’t.

Hotel California…


Omg am I trapped in here then xDDD


Just log out and don’t log back in…

You could also get yourself suspended/banned… Be creative.


You should really read the fine print :smiling_imp:


Remove all your personal info and just walk away. Don’t log back in.

You can PM webmaster if you need explicit posts removed.


Please don’t be creative.

Just log out and take all of your personal details off your profile.


That’s certainly easy enough to do!


I just checked out my “preferences” options, and saw a push-button “Delete My Account”. Of course I did not click on it. :slight_smile:


Interesting. I don’t have an option like that.


Maybe it is there because I am still very new. It is on the very bottom of the screen. Oops ! Looks like now so new any more… the button disappeared. Sorry for the disinformation. :wink:


No problem. Maybe it’s there for new users to delete, before leaving a big footprint.


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