How do I do a self cleansing? Is there an official way to do it or any of your own?


Hello there!

I’ve been very disgusted of myself lately because I’ve been committing the sin of lust. What could I do to cleanse myself aside confession (which I am planning to do this weekend)? Is there a prayer or ritual for this? A thing that I can do right now? It’s really bothering me. Thanks in advance!


You can tell God you are sorry now and stop sinning. Then go to confession as soon as possible.

If you feel uncomfortable between now and confession time, you can use that as motivation to not commit the sin again because you’ll just end up feeling uncomfortable until you can get to confession.


Thank you very much! Can you recommend me some prayers or should I just be honest and talk to him directly?


Just talk to him directly.

If you want to say a formal prayer, the Hail Mary is a good one. Ask Mary to pray for you to stay pure.


Thank you very much! Really, I appreciate your replies!


I encourage you to seek a priest you trust to pray over you with some deliverance prayers. Look up good, trustworthy deliverance prayers you can pray yourself. Last time I found myself fallen into lust, I prayed Psalm 51 as a sort of Act of Contrition, and God helped me to make the resolve to go to Confession. Making the resolve with His help is key. And pray to your Guardian Angel and St. Michael for protection from all dangers, spiritual and physical. And ask Our Lady to help you make a good confession too. You are in my prayers!


Thank you! I know about the Psalm 51 as well. It’s a soldier’s prayer and I happen to have a father who is one and I live inside a camp. Thank you for praying for me. The world needs more people like you. God bless!


You could try praying the little office. It’s online.


The Memorare might be good, but nothing cleanses you better than a good confession.


Fast, pray, and/or give alms.


Here is a thorough discussion of the praying of 3 Hail Marys for purity:


You might also consider wearing a miraculous medal. Mary is the queen of purity and pondering her life can be a huge help. As to the medal, wear it with faith, as it is a physical object, a sacramental which you can grasp as both reminder and reassurance that she is interceding on your behalf. Holding it firmly as you slowly and meaningfully offer a Hail Mary prayer might be just the ticket. It is no magic amulet - whatever you do must have faith as its foundation or it will be worthless, or even worse! You can ask father to bless the medal and bear that also in mind.

A small vial of holy water is another possibility. Demons hate holy water. They know when it is present. Crossing yourself with holy water is a sign, both to you and malevolent spirits that you are serious about repentance.

Since this is a battle in the spiritual realm, do not be surprised if a sudden wave of temptations arrive. This often occurs when we are drawing nearer to God while also rejecting the evil one. The charism of fortitude is worth asking for!


Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Jesus recommended it for even the hardest sinners (during a visit to St. Faustina). It uses the beads of the rosary. You can find the prayers online. It is approved by the church. God bless.

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