How do I "do" Advent?

This year we’ve decided to celebrate Advent. How do we do that? What do we need? When do we start?


Advent starts on Dec. 3, I believe. There’s four Sundays of Advent before Christmas. I would buy an Advent wreath (you can find them in abundance at Catholic bookstores if you have one near you) which has the four candles (3 purple, 1 pink). You can buy a little devotional booklet. Our church gives them out the week before and it has prayers and a meditation for each day. We light ours during supper and say the prayers beforehand.

Also, the other thing we do is participate in any parish activities - Advent family nights, penance services, etc.

Other than that, if you have children, my parents would put out the nativity seen minus Jesus. We also had a bigger version of the manger and we would put a piece of straw in it each time we did a good deed to prepare for Jesus’ coming.

Those are just a few ideas :).

I live in a dorm that doesn’t allow candles. Is there something else that would be good for me to do in place of that?

Maybe have a small lamp that you have on to make it dimmer when you go over devotions, or if you have a Catholic church with Adoration or even with doors open nearby, pray it in front of the Eucharist :).

Great ideas - thanks. I went to my Catholic bookstore & purchased the advent wreath & the candles. I think I’m set… I just need to get a devotional booklet but I’m hoping that my parish gives them out.

Happy Advent! :slight_smile:

Lots of information & activities to do (if you choose) click each date for ideas.

Have a Blessed Advent!

How about using those new battery candles they have out now for advent.

carol marie, your profile says you are married and have five children. That is an excellent station in life to begin a tradition of celebrating advent.

Buy an advent calendar – one that has a door in front of each day to open (1 through 25). Find a time in the day when you are together with all your children. And on each day, one of you (each one taking turns) opens the door for that day. Perhaps too you can pray a short prayer with your children.

Perhaps it can go like this:

a) Pray the “Hail Mary” prayer together
b) The door for that day gets opened by whoever is their turn
c) Take time to reflect on something that is revealed when the door is opened
d) Pray a short prayer “Baby Jesus, come to be with us this Christmas”

A few years ago, we found a really large wood advent calendar at Costco. So we use it. It has a small wooden Christmas-related thing to put behind each door. We also put a small chocolate behind each door.

And of course, go to Mass each week with your family and observe the candles on the advent wreath with your children.

Hey CM :slight_smile:

I have used EWTN’s advent link to get a day by day devotions, prayers, and meditations. Here it is for 2006.

and they have this cool candle image too:

Thanks all! Great ideas! :thumbsup:

Does anyone know if Magnificat produces a free Advent meditation book this time of year?? That would be cool

Both Advent and Lent. They aren’t included in the subscription, but an order form is inside the Magnificat months before. I haven’t ordered them yet – the ordinary Magnificat is already so full of useful information and I am still lacking in usual information.

The order form for the “Lenton Companion” is now available to regular subscribers.

See for other details, and note that I am not a spokesperson (just a subscriber).

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