How do I explain and defend Mary as Ever Virgin?

I’ve been having a discussion with my dad who is Baptist regarding the idea of Jesus having brothers in relation to Mary’s ever virginity. I’ve heard from one of the apologist on Catholic Answers live that while Jesus was on the cross Jesus looked at John and told him Behold your Mother, Woman behold your son and that Mary resided with John from that day forward. The apologist also pointed out that this also indicated the fact that Jesus didn’t have brothers because in ancient Jewish culture, there was no way that Mary would have lived with John and not one of Mary’s other sons.

I informed my dad of this idea and he said that the Bible also mentioned how Jesus was rejected by his own and particularly his brothers and that Jesus wouldn’t have wanted his mother to reside with anyone who wasn’t a believer, but that it was more fitting for her to live with an Apostle like John.

Is this position reading too much into why John was appointed care taker of Mary, or does this position have biblical support?

Thank you!

The following links should help you understand the Church’s position on whether Jesus had brothers. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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