How do I explain the Catholic position on Faith and works?

Hola a todos,

I recently had a conversation with a Lutheran girlfriend of mine. We were talking about faith and works. She explained to me the Lutheran perspective of sola fide. We obviously disagreed. I explained to her about the Catholic position of faith and works as best I could. I told her that if a person has faith in Christ, he or she will manifest that faith in his or her works. The actions that a person does influences their faith and the faith a person does influences (or should influence) their actions.They are connected.

However, I feel like I could have given a better response; and, knowing our relationship, we will likely be talking about this topic again. So, what is the whole reasoning between faith and works, exactly?

Please, pray to the Holy Spirit before you answer and keep all responses loving. Understanding can only grow in the soil of Love.


The following links should help explain the Catholic teaching on Sola Fide. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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