How do I explain to a Protestant


That if he wants to be Catholic, he has to submit to it all, when he knows that there are many cafeteria Catholics out there who don’t.

Please help me find a good, charitable way to explain this, because he’s truly interested in the answer.

God bless.


Caferia Catholics like Protestants reject Catholic teachings that doesn’t fit their personal views or opinions. I call them disobedient Catholics, who are not worthy to look as a perfect role model for a “real Catholic.”

A real Catholic accepts of teaching authority of the Church. He believes that Jesus establish One Church; upon Simon, who was succeeded by His Successors, the Popes, and the bishops, the sucessors of the Apostles.

Jesus sum it when he addressed his disciples, “He who hears you, hears me. He who rejects you rejects me. He who rejects me, rejects the One who sent me.”

A Catholic willingly remain disobedient to the teachings of the Church, is disobedient to Jesus Christ himself.

Please help me find a good, charitable way to explain this, because he’s truly interested in the answer.

God bless.

Read the Catholic Catechism.


Other people’s sin should not be the yardstick by which one measures one’s self.

God’s law is the only measure that is important-- and therefore he must accept ALL of God’s law, via the Church.


“In order for him to increase… I must decrease…”

By Choosing what you will and will not believe puts the focus not on God, but on yourself. By choosing to believe only what you want, you do not decrease at all. By Choosing to believe what you want, You do not allow him to increase within you. By Choosing to believe what you want, you do not follow Christ

“These are hard sayings he speaks. How can this be…
And with that, a great many disciples left and returned to their previous lives”

In Christ


Ask him what he seeks: Truth or Truth unless there are hypocrites around


I might explain to your friend that there are cafeteria catholics just like there are members of other faiths protestant, orthodox or non-christian who don’t hold up to their own ideals, much less those held by their chosen institution.

I also wouldn’t let them come up with the excuse that there is christianity that is not “institutionalized”, all christians are all “institutionalized”, at the very least by the bible and Christ’s teachings. If this comes up, perhaps say something like “Don’t you know christians who reject Jesus’ teaching by their actions, don’t we all to a certain extent?”

If at this point you get him to listen to why we submit to an authority, then I would show (through the bible) how the authority of the church was established beginning with the OT and fulfilled in the NT.(Note to yourself, try to use examples. I don’t feel protestants are ready for the Catecism. I would only use it for your own knowlege and ability to articulate your position, unless you run across some of the many paragraphs that show the Catholic Church in a positive light as a teacher and upholder of the faith.

Something that has been swimming in my mind is the question, “How can a theology remain constant without the structure you see in the Catholic Church?” of course the answer is the Holy Spirit, but doesn’t this almost prove that the Spirit isn’t guiding protestant faiths, for they have not remained constant. In fact they have followed doctrines simply because they contradict Roman Catholicism…uh, don’t tell your friend this.

The Holy Spirit can give you better words than I, so dont forget to remember Him.

Good Luck and God Bless,


We also have Caferia protestants too – with them we teach them about the Lordship of Christ. Maybe that would be a good bridge to build first.


Yeah, my response is along the lines of Daniel Marsh’s. A real Protestant should believe in their whole Bible (sola scriptura being one of their distinguishing tenets), yet there are plenty of Protestants who believe only parts of their Bible and discard parts they dislike (such as parts about homosexuality, male-only clergy, etc). Such Protestants are analogous to our “Cafeteria Catholics.”


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