How do I explain to non-Catholics the postures for a wedding Mass?

I’m new to the forum and would be grateful for your assistance. I am marrying in August and require help with our wedding Mass booklet. I would like to to make a note in the Mass booklet as to when to stand, sit, or kneel during the ceremony. I have asked the priest who is marrying us but he has said this is unnecessary. But I think that, because we have a number of people attending our wedding who are non-Catholics, it would be nice for them to feel a part of our ceremony and know when to stand, sit, or kneel.

Your priest is right. Outlining the postures for Mass in a wedding program is unnecessary. And you can’t really indicate this in an order of service anyway because non-Catholics may kneel if they wish or remain seated during kneeling if they prefer. The basic etiquette rule for non-Catholics attending a Catholic Mass is to stand when everyone stands and otherwise to sit quietly. If they wish to kneel when everyone else does, they may. Since most people know this already, there is no need to mention it in your wedding program.

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