How do I find a confessor?


I’m a 1st year lay Dominican novitiate, I think the term is. I’d like to write my testimony/journal of contemplative revelations and meditative insights plus mystical and everyday life experiences. I know St. Teresa of Avila had a confessor to “guide” her writing and I’d like to have someone like that to advise and approve my writing. Can lay Dominicans have confessors and if so how do I find one and what exactly do they do?


I believe you are simply looking for a priest who you would always go to confession with. You would not go behind the screen, so he knows its you and can help you. You would also sometimes schedule appointments with him outside of normal confession time so you can get longer dialog with him.

Basically, like a spiritual adviser.

God Bless.


Is there a particular priest that you like for confession already? He would be a good candidate to start with. Go to him often, perhaps every time. Let him really get to know you and your struggles. As questions in confession and listen for his advice. Are you growing in your relationship with God and your struggle against sin with this man’s guidance? This might be enough, but if you want to continue deeper, then tell him that you are interested in some spiritual direction and see if he is open to making an appointment to discuss it further.


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