How do I find a local Catholic Dr?


Is there a national list of faithful Catholic Drs, should I call the local Catholic hospital, maybe check the couple to couple league? I don’t know. I’m looking for a family physician preferably for general health care. I’m not sure where to start.


Google it:)…you can find almost anything by googling:)


I already tried that before I posted. I’m the google queen. But I didn’t come up with anything viable. Other than the local Catholic hospital and since they were recently the subject of protests for allowing a Dr that performs abortions to have admitting privileges I’m not sure I can rely on them for a recommendation.


Not sure, but I think omsoul might have a directory on their site…I would look it up for you but I am at work and I feel shy about surfing reproductive websites :slight_smile:


no problem, thanks for the suggestion I’ll check there.


I know of three doctors that advertise on the back of our bulletin. All three are parishioners.



Bulletins are the best.

You could even go from parish to parish and collect all of their bulletins, too. Some parishes even have their bulletins available for download on their websites, and your diocese should have a list of parishes (along with links to their sites) on its website.

Good luck!


Hi Cider-

“One More Soul” is an organization dedicated to “spreading the truth about the blessings of children and the harms of contraception.” Their main webpage is

This organization has a current list of Catholic physicians throughout the country. Here’s the link to that list: These are physicians dedicated to Natural Family Planning and the Church’s approach to healthcare. The doctors on the list range from family practicioners to pediatricians to urologists. Hopefully you’ll be able to find someone in your area.

God bless you for supporting Catholic physicians who are faithful to the Gospel!


Coming here also to say look on the back of the parish bulletin.


Great idea, I didn’t even think of that.


Thanks to you and the previous poster who mentioned them. I checked there and found some NFP resources for classes but not actual medical providers. I might try contacting the NFP teachers and see if they know of a local Dr.


The physician directory on the website is a little hidden. Here is a link to family physicians/internists:

This is a start, at least.


Whenever anyone is looking for a doctor, someone recommends One More Soul. Its a really great idea, except the closest doctor to me is about 2 1/2 hours away. And he is a sleep disorder doctor. :shrug:

Its great if there is one near you. But based on my searches, chances are there won’t be.


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