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:confused: I am not real sure what a Patron Saint is other than St. Christopher is for travelers. How do I find one for myself?? What are the benifits (will it help with my prayer life,etc.)?? I am a mother and grandmother and I have lost a grown son and 4 unborn children. I am trying to work thru the grief by myself…is there a Panton Saint that might help with this issue?? There are thousands listed on the internet, but I haven’t been able to find a list of Saints/subjects. I would appreciate any help. 10/17/08 is my “Come Home” date. Is there a Saint for that special day??


St Rita of Cascia would be a good one for you, her story is somewhat like yours (lost her sons and husband, quite exciting actually if you get the DVD from Netflix) and she is a true inspiration to the faith as she recieved a thorn stigmata later in life.

St Ignatius of Antioch is a saint for your Come Home day, he was a martyr in 107 AD. He was the first recorded person to write about CATHOLIC being the Christian community.

Good Luck, start reading saints and it becomes addictive, I converted in 2002 and thought I’d always be stuck with the love of 1 saint (Padre Pio) and have come to know and love dozens since then.


Probably the most comprehensive list of saints (with short biographies of each) is

If you click on ‘patronage list’ you can find saints who are patrons of different places, professions and causes. Seems to be someone for everything you can think of!

It lists St Gerard Majella and St Joseph are patrons of unborn children. I know Our Lady of Guadalupe is as well - the detail of the sash she was wearing in her apparition reveals that she was appearing as pregnant with the Christ child. And I’d imagine you can’t go wrong with the Holy Innocents either - the children martyred in Bethlehem when Herod was seeking to kill Christ.

Patron saints can help in many ways. Often they are people who’ve been through whatever problem/are part of whatever group they are patron of. Mary knows the pain of losing a beloved child. And imagine how carefully Joseph must have looked after her while she was carrying Jesus, knowing that He was the Son of God! Surely such a loving father would have a special care for your precious unborn children as well.

And please don’t feel that you need to work through your grief alone. There are support groups out there for women who’ve been through the pain of miscarrying a child. If you did a search online you could probably find a group in your area.


I am sad to hear you have so much loss and pain.

In this last year St Therese’s parents, Zelie and Louis Martin, were beatified.
Zelie and Louis lost four babies. Perhaps you might like to choose Blessed Zelie for your patron. If you do, she has a responsibility to pray for you.



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