How do I find an English speaking RC Church when traveling?


Hello, everyone!

This is my first post (although I’ve been lurking for a while). I’m getting married in July, and my fiance and I are planning to go to Costa Rica for the honeymoon. While there, we do plan on going to Mass (which should be easy since it’s a RC country), but it would be in Spanish since that’s the language spoken there.

While we’ve already gone many times to Spanish-speaking Masses, we’d prefer an English one since she doesn’t know Spanish and I can’t speak it well (although I can read it & understand some of it when spoken).

My question is, is there a list of where all the RC churches are in the world? I have one for my local diocese but can’t seem to find one for where I’m traveling. This list would be good too for other vacations. For now, though, I’d really love to know of any English-speaking Masses in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.

Thank you for any help!!


Maybe this will help?



I’d look into expat websites. They usually have links to English speaking religious services. Just search “Costa Rica” and “expat living” to find English language websites. You can also search the city diocesan website and see if they have any info there.


I would suggest you go to a church in the language of the country you’re in. So far I’ve been to one in France and Germany. I’ve also been to a Spanish-speaking mass at one of the missions in San Antonio, Texas. The beautiful thing about it is even though you have no idea what they’re saying, you know exactly what they’re saying :smiley: You won’t really be lost at all.

I will warn you, though, if you’re in an older church in Europe – that’s the only continent I have experience with – don’t be surprised when there’s no cushion on the kneelers. They’re usually just wood.


Unfortunately, there is no such website. The worldwide administration of the Catholic Church is too decentralized to make this feasible. (I’m not even sure if such a list exists anywhere?) has some non-US parishes, but their listings outside the US are woefully incomplete (the world is a big place, after all.)

The website of the diocese that you’ll visit might have a list of parishes, but it’s unlikely that you would find information about any individual parish, because it is extremely rare for parishes in Latin America to have websites.

My advice: Ask the hotel staff where an English Mass might be found. If anyone knows, they probably do.

One thing to watch out for: Receiving communion in the hand is not customary in many countries, and attempts to do so may cause confusion.


I too would recommend the hotel staff as the best hope, but you probably won’t be too successful. I have travelled extensively throughout the world and I really don’t see the problem with going to mass in another language. It is quite easy to bring along a enlgish missal on your travels so that you can follow the readings and gospels. The only thing that you miss out on is the homily. The rest of the mass, you know exactly what is going on.


Thank you, everyone, for the help!


If you’re away and there isn’t a mass in English then I don’t think God would frown upon you not going, unless it’s a day of obligation.


yes he would frown, Mass is an obligation no matter what the language of the country you are in.


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