How Do I Find Out Why My Thread Was Locked?


I recently started a thread which was active. Some posters made good points I wanted to explore with them, but I found that the thread had been locked. It was only started yesterday. There was no hostility in it.

How do I find out why it was locked?


Yipes - thought I put this in the Feedback Section. Sorry.


It’s there now.


You can contact a mod via PM and ask.


Thank you both for moving my thread and answering me.

Lol, now can someone tell me where the PM function is? I’m very bad with technology.



You can always restart the topic on a new thread and if people want to continue they will. As for private messaging, click on your profile by clicking on your profile picture. There is a pull down bar called ‘Activity’ and one of the options there is called ‘messages’ and there you can create a new message and add who you want to send it to.

Or find the person’s profile you want to send the message to, click on their profile and there should be a button to send them a message


Starting a new thread on the same topic is not really a good idea unless you find out why it was closed first.


Good luck to the OP re a response.


Thanks again!

The advice got me partially there, but I have no idea whom to send a PM to. I don’t know the names of the moderators. But I found a system generated PM in my PM Box, so I replied to it. Fingers crossed that a human being will see it!


You may, allegedly, appeal moderator decisions to the admin. @Web_Admin
Good luck with that though, I have not had consistent response in recent times.


Thank you, I will try.


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