How do I force God to tell me his will?

How do I force God to tell me what his will is since he requires me to do it, won’t tell me what it is, and then punishes me when I don’t do it?

No one can force God to do anything, just as God will never force us to do anything either. The only thing to do is to consider your present circumstances to be his will, do all that you can to remain in a state of grace, and pray for the courage and patience to accept whatever comes. It may also help to attempt to quit dwelling on when your present circumstances will change and to try to find in them all that is good. Since your lack of employment has given you free time, perhaps you can offer some of it to others through volunteer work. Who knows? Sometimes volunteer work turns into an employment opportunity. Even if it doesn’t, you may be able to help others and lift your own spirits at the same time. God bless.

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