How do I get a conservative Catholic girlfriend?


I am pretty sure that God wants me to get married and have children. I pretty much have to marry someone who is a conservative Catholic because I need her to support my beliefs and use NFP and stuff. I think I could possibly convert someone, but it would be easier for her to be Catholic. I go to a public school and am kind of quiet. So, basically does anyone know of any special ways to meet Catholic girls?

        I think the most obvious way would be to get involved with youth ministry at my church.  There is also going to be a fraternity and sorority at my church next year.  However I don't know if I'll have time for them because I will have to work and I will have some hard classes next year in school.  I will be taking AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and Honors Physics.  However I will have one studyhall.  This year I didn't have to do much homework and I had Chemistry, Microbiology and Anatomy/Physiology so I don't know  how much harder my new classes will be.  

       Basically I need to pray and have faith.  For some reason I think I am going to get a girlfriend soon and my predictions are usually correct.  I think God is trying to prepare me for this based on things that have happened to me (Got a job, understanding of dating, this one girl i talked to helped me understand stuff...)


If you had a girlfriend, you would have a date night at least once a month, and probably once a week. Why not think of your Youth Group meeting as your “date night” until such time as you meet that special girl? After that, you and she can decide how to handle seeing each other, dating, etc., together. :slight_smile:


Dating in high school should stay at a fun friends level - unless you plan on getting married right after graduation.

Put involvement with the Church higher on your priority list. AP physics won’t help you get to heaven, the Church will.


Involvement with a youth ministry isn’t more important than studying for classes. You don’t need a superfluous activity to be a good Catholic, but you do need to do well in school to succeed and support your future family.


Take your time, but try to get involved in your parish as much as possible. I have had the same issue myself, because I go to a state university (which, needless to say, is very secular in its views). I’d say the best place to meet someone with similar beliefs and values is right in the Church. I didn’t date in high school, because I felt that there was still some maturing to be done. I witnessed lots of breakups too, which wasn’t very encouraging. If I were you, I’d wait until graduation to think about a serious girlfriend. That way, you’ll be starting fresh with other young adults who will be thinking more along the lines of marriage. Keep praying about it, and always trust our Lord, who is good and hears all prayers.

God bless. :slight_smile:



Being a Christian is more than just showing up for Mass on Sunday.

I cannot imagine standing before God and God saying “did you spend time in study of my word?”

Answer “Well, I could not go to the youth ministry Bible study because I wanted to get an A on my 11th grade algebra test”.


Just like with any other organization, church groups are not immune to politics, cliques or insincere people. There are plenty of good, devout people who have never had such involvement. You get graces through the Sacraments. If you want to supplement your faith life with a bible study group, that is perfectly acceptable, but not required. Your relationship with God should be #1 on the priority list, but that doesn’t necessarily mean involvement in a church group, which works for some and not for others.

Faith and good works are sufficient. St. Bernadette was uneducated in matters of doctrine, yet she was blessed by God. The most important thing about being Catholic is not about how much theology you know or how much of the Bible you have read or how many church functions you have attended, but how you express the Gospel message of love to your neighbors. You don’t necessarily need a group to do that.


Nevertheless, it seems to be these “cliques and insincere people” who get the needed work done of feeding and clothing the poor, assisting with various fundraising activities, instructing the ignorant, and helping out with the various mundane tasks of the Church office. :wink:

I think it was Cervantes who put into the mouth of Don Quixote, words to the effect that, “it is better to be a hypocrite and set a good example to the young, thus at least saving some souls, if not your own, than to be an honest sinner and lose both your own soul and everyone else’s besides.”

Yes, Church groups, including the Youth Group, have their human elements, including cliquishness and insincerity - it’s not a reason to avoid them though. Indeed, everyone is welcome to participate, including those who have not yet become perfect. :slight_smile:


Word, buddy! First, it’s kinda tough to find a conservative girl. Second, it’s tougher to find a conservative Catholic. Third, it’s even tougher to find a conservative Catholic whose faith is not blind!

I don’t think you can discover these traits without getting close to someone. You don’t find out about people’s deepest secrets (i.e. faith, worldviews) unless you get close to them, but you’d like to know these things before you start trying to get close. (It’s like a catch-22 if you ask me)

Sounds like you have a good plan. However, as a fellow student I’d like to add one thing: Don’t undermine your schooling career for the sake of a relationship. It may not work out.

Faith matters are much more serious exclusively worldly ones. However, you may have to do some worldly things that are to the spiritual benefit of you, your wife-to-be, and your kids-to-be. I’m not sure how that would work out, but that such scenarios must be evaluated on a case-to-case-basis.

In a relationship, think about marriage and kids. But don’t get so caught up in those ideas that you forget what love really is. And it’s not happiness and rainbows either - another extreme!

I’ll stop my babble here. Best of luck!


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