How do I get nuns to pray for me?


I just recently finished listening to a five-disc series by Jason Evert. It was amazingly enlightening and gave a lot of different ideas for help with spirituality as well as how to help with pornography and lust (those were the main points of the 5-disc set)

Jason breifly mention that we could get nuns to pray for us. He said we could write them a letter and ask them to pray for a specific intention.

I was want to contact them and ask them to pray for my cousin.
How can I go about this?


I am not sure which religious orders you were refering to, but you can search online “prayer request nuns” on and it comes up a few:

1 -
(they are cloistered Passionist nuns: )

Dominican nuns


There are more when you search.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


i want tell my problems to a nun:(

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