How do I go to Confession?

Hello. I was born a Catholic (everyone in the family is Catholic) however my parents aren’t very religious and so as a family, we don’t really go to church every Sunday. A week ago, a friend helped me go to church again and I went there on Sunday along with my sister. I wasn’t really sure what to do since the last time I’ve been there was Christmas last year so I was really nervous and it took me a few minutes before I entered the church. I did not take the Eucharist that time, and I felt guilty afterwards. I talked to my friend and he told me to go to the Reconciliation mass and make a confession. I don’t really know what to do and when I could do it (can I only make a confession after the reconciliation mass?). I do not know anyone from the church, do I just approach the priest? I’ve been reading online and it has sort of given me an idea on what to say. I have so many things to confess but I’m not sure if I could tell them to the priest properly. Today was the mass but I wasn’t able to go as I wasn’t prepared enough. I will be going to church tomorrow, and I have been told that I should avoid receiving the Eucharist before I make a confession.

The following links should help answer your questions about confession. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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