How do I gracefully defend Cardinal Law's celebration of the Novemdiale Mass?

My sister-in-law and nephew are extremely angry over the priest abuse issue and have stopped going to church. She became upset again when Cardinal Law was allowed to preside over the Mass for the Pope because she is sympathetic to the Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) organization. How do I gently defend the cardinal? I do pray for a conversion of heart for her and her son.

Although it is indeed possible to defend Cardinal Law’s celebration of the Mass for the Holy Father – for one example of the thinking that may have gone into the allowance, I recommend this article that appeared in a liberal Catholic publication – I would not advise doing so with your sister. What I recommend focusing on with her is the fact that she should not allow her sense of righteous indignation to affect her or her child’s relationship with the Church. For two helpful articles that you might want to share with her, I recommend the resources listed below.

Recommended reading:

A Crisis of Saints by Fr. Roger Landry
Problems in the Church by Jimmy Akin

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