How do I handle an anti-Catholic relative?

My out-of-town brother-in-law sent me A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt, along with several pages of Bible verses and his conversion story out of the Catholic Church. I replied, respectfully, with an explanation of my search for truth which kept me in the Catholic Church. I thought this would foster dialogue, but his response was “If you won’t listen to the truth that I am teaching you, then I will stop writing.” I want to answer him by humbly asking where the Church is wrong but I prefer to choose the topic/doctrine rather than leaving the question open-ended. Where should I start?

Frankly, it doesn’t sound as if your brother-in-law is interested in dialogue. Judging from your account of his reply to your response, it appears that he is only interested that you be a student to what he believes to be truth. You might politely reply, “If you change your mind about dialoguing, please let me know because I would be happy to discuss Catholicism with you.” Until his interest changes from seeking to teach you the “truth” of anti-Catholicism to discussing what Catholicism actually teaches, you may have to let the matter lay where it is and pray for your brother-in-law’s reversion to the Church.

In the meantime, you can educate yourself about the errors of Dave Hunt’s A Woman Rides the Beast and about how to charitably discuss Catholicism with non-Catholics. The resources below should be of help.

Recommended reading:

Hunting the Whore of Babylon
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by Patrick Madrid
How NOT to Share Your Faith by Mark Brumley

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