How do I handle this matter?

I have a set of twins in my class for first communion that are extremely bright that I’m not sure if I should give the ok to receive the eucarist. They participate in class and know they’re material but they have been attending a protestant service instead of coming to mass at our parish.
This has happened because mom and dad have been busy and older sister is protestant and the one who has been taking to her service. Mom and dad want them to be raised Catholic but older sister has been taking them her services. To top it off the twins have made comments that they like the prostestant services because its less boring and they have more activities for youth and feel more welcomed and accepted.
I’m torn. How should I proceed with this situation? I’ve had conversations with mom and she’s also feeling pain of this whole situation where now the twins rather attend a protestant service than mass. How can I best counsel her?

God bless,


The problem is with the parents. Stand firm. If thy continue to allow the older daughter to violate their thier wishes by taking the twins to Protestant services, then they cannot receive the Eucharist. You cannot continue to have them work against you. The responsibility lies with them.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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